Posted by Peter Brennan on Jun 17, 2019
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Today’s Program: Olympia High School Rotary Sponsorship Recipients 
Meeting Called to order:   President Dan Lehuta
  • Invocation by: Bob Wubbena
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: Carly Colgan
  • Song:  My Country tis of Thee, led by Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test led by:  Oscar Soule
Visiting Rotarians
  • Bill Brown, Insurance, Vashon Island
  • Mike English, Mortgage, Vashon Island
  • Randy Moeller, MD, Gateway, Retired
Guests of Rotarians
  • Former member Connie Lorenz
  • Wayne Olson, son of Winifred Olson
Happy Bucks: Hosted by Holly Mason
  • Gloria Strait - Announced Man of La Mancha is being performed at Harlequin Theater and it is a wonderful show.  Tickets will be auctioned today.
  • Pat Rants - Announced his grandson was born on Friday and regardless of what the paper reports, it was an excellent weekend for the Rants family.
  • Colleen Gillespie - Just returned from the US Open in Monterrey, California, where she and her husband volunteer.  Unfortunately, illness kept her from spending much time at the open, but Patrick had a great time and appeared on national television. 
  • Jonathan Pleger - Introduced Andrew, our new greeter, who is stepping in for Terrence who landed a new job at Walmart.
  • Bill Brown - Hit the harmonica and then joined with Mike Edwards to invite all to attend the Blues and Brews event benefitting the Vashon Island club.
  • Canela Jeldres Silva (Our exchange student from Chile) - Is excited because her host sister will be returning in time for them to meet.  While they have Face Timed, they have not met in person. 
  • Allen Miller - Is celebrating the 38th year of Olympia’s sister-city relationship with Kato Japan.
  • Matt DeBord - Shared that he was once an Olympia Rotary Scholarship winner, around 20 years ago. 
Departing Exchange Student
Kelly Cooper invited Canela to join her on stage and exchange club flags and present her with a book of PNW photography that was signed by club members.
Steve Bean auctioned Joe Scuderi’s neighbor’s eggs from the chickens that survived the coyote attack.  Bill Brown of Vashon Island now has fresh eggs.  Man for La Mancha tickets were auctioned to winner Gloria Strait.
Program - Rotary Scholarships
Mark Boyer, Chairman of the Scholarship Committee welcomed our recipients and their family members. He shared the selection criteria, which includes:  Emphasis on Service Above Self, Initiative and self-direction, Quality of Character and Scholastic Abilities.
The recipients are:
Emma Song
Leland P. Brown Service Above Self Award
GOALS: Earn a degree from a four year university in the Pacific Northwest and pursue her passions around community and environmentalism
Aarushi Mukerjee
Leland P. Brown Service Above Self Award
GOALS: Earn a degree in Marine Environmental Science from Western Washington University and work to decrease the impacts of pollution.
Grace Wark
Winifred Castle Olsen Scholarship
GOALS: Major in Human Services and minor in Psychology or Criminal Justice with the goal of becoming an advocate for victims of violent crimes.
Caleigh Stagnone
Chick Rockey Athletic Award
GOALS: Finding new opportunities in the field of engineering and inspiring other young girls to consider careers in science. 
Andrew Boyd
Chick Rockey Athletic Award
GOALS: Earning a degree in Engineering at Gonzaga and returning to Olympia to work in a local business and give back to our community.
Emma Tranum
Les Armstrong Music Award
GOALS: Studying Music Education and Performance at Central Washington University in hopes of becoming a band director.
Seth Harper
Les Armstrong Music Award
GOALS: Earning a degree in politics and helping solve the problems of corruption in politics and vast income inequality.
Katelyn Moore
Ed Rogel Vocational Award
GOALS: Attend South Puget Sound Community College and eventually support young people as a classroom teacher or school librarian.
Emily Anthony
Ed Rogel Vocational Award
GOALS: Attend the Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing and serve those who are struggling – help them find hope and live well.
Anissa Sterner
David W. Stevens - Memorial Scholarship
GOALS: Study International Affairs and Cultural Anthropology in order to pursue a career in diplomacy / international relations.
Hunter Pitzler
Firestone, Beal, Balz Engineering Award
GOALS: To put my knowledge and curiosity to work solving problems and generally improving life for humanity.
Mr. Snappy:  Dick Blinn won $25 coffee gift certificate donated by Dennis Peterson.  At the time of the award, it was unclear where Dick is to go for coffee. 
Meeting adjourned: at 1:28 p.m. by President Dan Lehuta who reminded the members that the June 24 meeting will be at Indian Summer