Posted by Bob Heck on Jul 10, 2017
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 07/10/17
Today’s Program: Installation of President Christy Peters
Meeting Called to Order: President Wendy Holden @ 12:30 pm
  • Invocation by: Judy Blinn
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: Skip Steffen
  • Song: God Bless America led by Nancy Zussy Allen
  • Four Way Test led by: Paul Knox
Visiting Rotarians
  • Pat Beehler – Assistant District Governor and South Puget Sound RC
Guest of Rotarians
  • Bob Butts – Guest of Paul Knox
Happy Bucks – hosted by Justice Debra Stephens
  • Debra Stephens – This is her birthday week, and she’s turning 52.
  • Terry Anderson – Will be showing a piece in the juried art show at SPSCC Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts.  His painting was one of 42 selected, out of 300 entries.
  • Mo Considine – Our exchange students Victoria and Marie have returned home safely, Marie will send a goodbye video to the club. We are still in need of the first host family for our next exchange student, Peggy, from Germany.  Please contact Mo if you are interested.
  • Jack Belmont – Enjoyed “First Date” at Harlequin and encouraged others from the Club to attend, thanked Harlequin for the tickets they donate to the club.
  • Dave Sederberg – Acknowledging his birthday today – was absent the last three weeks due to a trip to Japan with his wife and daughter.
  • Jewel Goddard – Turning 90 years young!
  • Rosemary Barnhart – Vanessa Enendu, a former exchange student from several years ago, has just completed her first year at SPSCC.  She is looking for a room to rent next year to continue her studies. If you have a room, please contact Rosemary to get in touch with Vanessa.
  • Ned Owens – Celebrating his 44th birthday!
  • Tom McLean – Celebrating a birthday, and announced that Dine Around needs a few more members to create a sixth group.  Please contact Tom or Debra Stephens if you are interested in participating.
Egg Auction – Steve Bean auctioned off eggs from Joe Scuderi.  Skip Steffen won.
5th Ave Tickets - Steve Bean auctioned off two tickets to the Saturday, July 15 show of “Fun Home” in Seattle.
Holly Mason suggested a show of hands of the club members who would be willing to donate another $5 to the fundraiser/auction. Baskets were passed and many members donated in support of President Wendy Holden’s last meeting.
Legacy Trials Event – Marathon is this Saturday – course monitors need to collect your shirt from Martin or Bill. Thanks everyone for all your support.
Classification Talk
Kyle Cronk, President of the South Sound YMCA gave his classification talk and invited his entire family to participate. 1 year ago, they moved from Port Angeles to join Kyle in Olympia. Each member of the family introduced themselves and what they like about Olympia: Lexi (3rd grade at Pioneer) likes the bus stop across the street from their house; Cohen (6th grade at WMS) likes his news friends; Brody (4th grade at Pioneer) likes the parks; Meagan (Kyle’s wife) likes the schools.
Kyle explained why the family was all wearing crocodile hats and matching “Team Cronk-O-Dile” t-shirts. In an effort to raise awareness and resources for cancer research, after his their mom passed from cancer, Kyle and his sister started a fundraising event/race. Last year Meagan suggested that the family run as a team, the “Cronk-O-Diles”. They had a lot of fun. Kyle also shared that they will officially adopt Lexi on July 11. He was awarded his Blue Badge by President Wendy Holden.
Oscar Soule, on behalf of all former club presidents, complimented President Wendy on her departure from the “standard” text regarding the Blue Badge ceremony. She always used a unique and creative message when welcoming new members from the Red Badge to Blue Badge stage of membership.
Bill Fishburn, introduced by Kyle Cronk. Bill is a home brewer and he is running for the Port of Olympia commission. He was born/raised in Spokane, WA. He and his wife have been married 26 years and they have 3 boys and 1 granddaughter. Bill graduated from the UW with a degree in aeronautics/astronomy. He attended UC Berkley for graduate school and received his masters in mechanical engineering. Bill worked for Intel for 21 years and is now contemplating starting a BBQ sauce company with his wife. He is also the President of Thurston County Hispanic Roundtable and on the local board of the Girls Scouts. 
Program: Installation of President Christy Peters
Outgoing President Wendy Holden thanked the club for a great year. The theme was “connections” and Wendy thanked the club for focusing on giving their time, treasure and talent to further connect the club with each member, and the larger Rotary family. She identified many areas of success such as having a focus on leadership and a capable set of committee chairs who moved the agenda forward. This last year the club focused on being a good listener, recruitment, education, holding another successful marathon, scholarship and fellowship. Wendy again thanked the club for their support and invited Assistant District Governor Pat Beehler to begin the installation of new club officers.
Assistant District Governor Pat Beehler called the incoming officers to the stage:
  • Christy Peters – President
  • Wendy Holden – Past President
  • Dale Hedden – Treasurer
  • Cindy Zechmann – Secretary
  • Dan Lehuta – President Elect
Following in the officer induction, President Christy Peters addressed the club. Her first order of business was to present the Past Presidents pin and plaque to Past President Wendy in honor of her work leading the club.
Christy announced that the Rotary theme this next year is “Making a Difference”. She asked each of the members to think back to think they had made a difference and that made everyone feel. She shared that while at the University of Iowa she volunteered in the teaching hospital to help in the neonatal unit. Her role was to be an extra set of hands to hold babies, she and the other volunteers affectionately referred to themselves as the “cuddler coalition”. She worked her schedule so that she could spend several hours each week holding newborn babies and watch her favorite television show “Days of Our Lives”.
Not only was Christy helping someone, but she was also having fun. She relayed that our club knows these skills – we help people locally and globally, and we also know how to have fun.

This year the club will be focused on three questions:
  1. How can you, as an individual, make a difference?
  2. How can our rotary club, as a club, make a difference?
  3. How can Rotary International make a difference?
All members are encouraged to help President Christy recognize those in our club who have made a difference.
Mr. Snappy
Dale Hedden won a copy of Tall Ships on Puget Sound, autographed by the author, Chuck Fowler donated by Chuck Fowler.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:25pm by President Wendy Holden