Posted by Peter Brennan on Jul 17, 2017

Rotary Club of Olympia

The Wheel

Today’s Program:  Transgender issues and possible solutions to those issues.      

Meeting called to order by:  President Christy Peters

  • Invocation by: Reid Bates
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Judy Henderson
  • Song:  America the Beautiful led by Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test led by:  Sam Bovard

Visiting Rotarians: 

From the Lacey Club:

  • Bill McGregor, Port of Olympia

  • Karen Eitreim, Education

Guests of Rotarians

  • Jim Young (on behalf of Tore Nielsen) - Lisa Nielsen Spieler, Tore Nielsen's daughter who is visiting from Austria

  • Cyndi Zechmann - Linda Nielsen and family

  • Al Cohen - Patrick Murphy, Olympia School District Superintendent

Happy Bucks:

Collected by Robert Coit (upon handoff from Dan Lehuta):

  • Bill Lahmann gave $103 in honor of the 103 Rotarians and family members who volunteered for the marathon.

  • Craig Ottavelli gave announcement dollars to share the upcoming art reception on July 18 at 4:40 pm at Gallery Boom for Olivia Miller’s exhibit running July 18-25.

  • Jeff Crandall gave happy bucks after a terrific trip to Cape Cod, MA and a Boston Red Sox vs. NY Yankees game. 

  • Nick Schmidt gave happy bucks after a trip to Arizona and in gratitude to Bill Lahmann and Martin Meyer for all their hard work on the marathon.

  • Gloria Strait celebrated her return from singing in Massachusetts, where she learned a lot of German.

  • Seth Goldstein made a $5 down payment on his birthday bucks.  Only $39 more to go. 

  • Oscar Soule encouraged members to sign up for the Rotary night at the Rainiers on Monday, August 28.  Please sign up now. 

  • Sam Bovard is happy that 14 people attended the last book club meeting and has collected more than 50 books for the reading program.  He also made his first trip to the Space Needle after all these years living nearby.  He announced the Boys & Girls Club auction will be held September 29 at Saint Martin’s University.   He also gave a shout out to Gretchen Sturtevant for donating a children's' book.

  • Maureen Considine shared a photo of  Karla and Katya, former exchange students, who remain very close and are on an adventure in Patagonia together. 

  • Joan Houchen gave her 87th birthday contribution.

  • Rusty Chalmers made his birthday contribution and showed his one-sided tan that he earned as a marathon road crew member.

  • Dirk Farrar said he’d like to sign up for an invocation or two, but the pen ran out of ink. 

Announcements and Misc.

Reid Bates is seeking volunteers for invocations and sent around a sign-up form.

Bill Fishburn was issued his Rotary member number by Dennis Peterson.  Better late than never.

Mark Elliott announced the Fred Balz community fund grant awarded to Capitol Land Trust.  Amanda Reid, Executive Director, shared that it will be used in support of the STEM program and gave $1 birthday buck to celebrate her son William’s first birthday.

Nate Naismith gave his classification talk and thanked his current sponsor, Steve Bean and OS (original sponsor) Judy Henderson.  He talked a lot of life in Olympia in the 1950s, his mother’s involvement in Zonta Club and his progression to become a professional photographer.  He started as Olympia High School yearbook photographer and never looked back.  He has been married to his wife Marcia for 43 years.  One of his most memorable photo opportunities was of 1968 and 69 Jimi Hendrix concerts, photos of which were which were later published in the book, “Jimi Hendrix, an Illustrated Experience.”


Rosemary Barnhart introduced Nancy LaMusga, who shared information about current Transgender issues and possible solutions to those issues.  Nancy shared her working assumptions that people are basically good and worthy and that every one of us is willing and wanting to learn. 

Her presentation assumes a commitment on the part of the people assembled to work together toward the common goal of eliminating violence, in spite of each other’s imperfections. She explained the alarming statistics around the frequency of child abuse and the impact that these adverse childhood events have throughout the lifetime of the abused.  More than 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in the US have experienced rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner.

Nationally, it is estimated that 40% of homeless youth and young adults identify as LGBT and, locally, 65% of homeless people have been sexually abused or assaulted.  Nancy explained the areas of the brain that control different emotions, learning and processing of social maturity and how they are affected by abuse and neglect. 

Her organization, Partners in Prevention Education (PiPE), began in 2004 to assess the unmet needs of sexual assault survivors who were street dependent.  PiPE currently has over 45 years of combined experience.  PiPe has collaborated and partnered with other service providers serving the targeted population to strengthen the safety net. 

Next Meeting

Our program will be Thurston County's Juvenile Court Administrator Michael Fenton. He will talk about his department's research/data-proven methods which have become so effective that our local Juvenile Court’s services are considered a cutting-edge model not only in Washington, but throughout he U.S.

Mr. Snappy

Won by Jay Burney


Meeting adjourned at 1:28 pm by President Christy