Posted by Bob Heck on Jul 31, 2017
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 07/31/2017
Today’s Program: Barb Soule – The World’s Approach to Infectious Disease Control
Meeting Called to order: President Christy Peters @ 12:22 pm
  • Invocation by: Mo Considine
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by: Lori Woodland
  • Song: America the Beautiful, led by Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test led by: Dick Blinn
Visiting Rotarians:
Louise Hoover – Hoquiam Rotary Club
Guests of Rotarians:
Happy Buckshosted by Sean Murphy
  • Allen Miller – encouraged all Rotarians to VOTE in the primary election.
  • Dave Sederberg – reminded Rotarians that “Break-A-Thon” is on Saturday, 8/5. It is hosted by the US Marshall Arts Center and all proceeds benefit the Olympia School District Foundation Principal Emergency Checkbook Fund. Dave will match the first $200 donated by the club. As well, he invited all club members who are able to attend, to join him in breaking something.
  • Warren Carlson – Updated the club that in the Senior Games his basketball team placed very well.
  • Mo Considine – celebrating a birthday – 67 years young!
  • Diane Gallegos – On behalf of the literacy committee announced a new tradition for the year. In honor of new club members, a book will be donated by the club. To welcome Victoria Byerly, a Dr. Seuss book “The Places You’ll Go” was donated.
  • Sean Padget – Al Padget (Sean’s grandfather) determined that the family genealogy went back to the Chinook Tribe. Sean recently accepted his membership into the Tribe.
Dan Lehuta – shared a funny story about squirrels and religion.

Steve Bean auctioned Seattle Seahawks tickets for the Aug 25 pre-season game. The tickets were donated by Bob Wubbena. Cyndi Zechmann was the winning bidder.
Making a Difference Award – President Christy awarded the making a difference pin to Justice Debra Stephens for her work on Dine Around.
Program: Barb Soule - The World’s Approach to Infectious Disease Control
Oscar introduced Barb. He set the stage with a funny cat joke. In 1971 Barb started work at St. Peter Hospital and was there until 2002. She ended her career working on infectious disease. In 2002 she accepted the role of President of APIC – a global organization focused on fighting infectious disease. In 2004 she joined the education unit of the Joint Commission on Infectious Disease. In this role, Barb works with hospitals/institutions all over the world.
Barb focused her talk in four areas:
1. What’s happening in hospitals
  • Hospitals are getting better at
    • Surgical site infection/prevention
    • Infection of lines inserted into the heart/prevention
    • Discharging patients sooner
  • The reasons are
    • Care Bundling – small group of scientifically proven procedures to support patient recovery following surgery
    • Team work – all hospital staff working across each unit/area to collaborate throughout the entire healthcare delivery process
  • Biggest challenges are
    • Endoscopes – sometimes very difficult to clean, but the design is improving
    • Antimicrobial resistance in patients
2. What’s happening in my home
  • Green cleaning – can you really clean without chemicals
    • “Green” cleaners are not necessarily getting anything clean – they much have some chemicals in them
    • Select products that are labeled as “proven effective” at actually cleaning/killing germs and bacteria
    • A serious problem is microbes in specific areas: Nursing Homes, Cruise Ships, Day Care Centers, and Airplanes (especially the air vent on airplanes!).
  • Hand washing is critical to the fight against spreading germs/bacteria/disease
    • Wash your hands a LOT. Make sure to use soap, hot water and to take enough time to wash thoroughly. Try singing a short song, such as happy birthday, to ensure you’re taking enough time to clean your hands. If you can’t access hot water/soap, use an alcohol sanitizer – those are ok.
  • Disinfect all surfaces in your home/work on a regular basis – use chemicals (environmentally safe) to really kill the bacteria and germs. Fun fact: hypochlorite products are the most widely used around the world and have been used for over 200 years to safely and effectively clean and disinfect surfaces.
  • Get your vaccines!
3. What’s going on in the world
  • MERS (Middle East Repertory Syndrome)
    • Still at large – but there is a much improved process to treat these case
  • Zika Virus
    • Subdued, especially in Latin America
  • Ebola
    • Not as pervasive, but still deadly
    • Present in countries with limited resources
    • Currently there is better infectious control to limit the spread of Ebola when it is present
4. Building Capacity for Successful Education and Disease Treatment
  • This diploma program is one Barb leads in Saudi Arabia
  • Working with government officials, scientists to help educate everyone on the proper processes and treatment to treat, and effectively limit the spread of infectious diseases
  • The program uses interactive teaching, quizzes and on-site demonstrations
Jim Leonard, former chief administrator of Providence St. Peter Hospital relayed that under Barb’s leadership, St. Peter Hospital dramatically improved the rating/quality of care and treatment of Infectious Disease.

Mr. Snappy
David Stock won 3 month membership to the South Sound YMCA donated by Kyle Cronk.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:30 pm by President Christy