Posted by Tom McLean on Aug 14, 2017
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 08/14/2017

The meeting began at 12:25 pm, with Dan Lehuta presiding.


  • Invocation:  Dirk Farrar
  • Pledge of Allegiance:  Heidi Schaiberger
  • Patriotic Song:  America the Beautiful, Gloria Strait leading
  • Four Way Test:  Judy Blinn


Visiting Rotarians:

  • Van VanJepmond, Lacey Club
  • Steve Henderson, West Olympia Club

 Guests of Rotarians:

  • Simon Stocker, attorney
  • Alisa Cohen, Al Cohen's daughter
  • Stephen and Joan Brown (John Hough’s sister-in-law)

 Happy Bucks:

  • Gloria Strait - Thankful for husband, Skip's successful knee surgery and her granddaughter, Josephine's acceptance to King's College in London. 
  • Linda Kleingarner – 49th birthday
  • Jim Leonard - 65th birthday
  • Lynn Heinold - (Unknown)
  • Dirk Ferrar – Took parents to Hawaii for a week
  • Tom Lally – Has tickets to Brats, Brews, and Bands from Gateway Rotary,
  • Nancy Riordan – Has been travelling, co-chair of Rotary Cares, remember members who are sick
  • Allen Miller – 1st place for District 5, City Council election
  • Cindy Zechmann – Told a humorous story about a scary encounter with bear and 2 cubs in Alaska.  Donated a children's' book about bears.
  • Nick Schmidt – Sister turned 28 and had golf classic in honor of grandfather.

 Carolyn Manger told a humorous story about a deserted islander who misses playing golf.



Dan Lehuta shared we are raising money to assist those displaced by the fires in British Columbia.



Oscar Soule was our guest auctioneer.  

  • Wendy Holden was the winning bidder for eggs at $17.50. 
  • Al Cohen was the winning bidder for Harlequin tickets at $50.
  • Carolyn Manger was the winning bidder of baseball memorabilia.

Tickets are still available to attend the Rainers game.  Contact Oscar Soule.


Program:   Maritime History of Olympia and South Puget Sound


Chuck Fowler introduced today’s speakers, John Hough and Les Eldridge. 


Many of the place names in the Puget Sound come from the first European explorers.  Botanist Dr. Archibald Menzies’ name was used for the Latin name for the Douglas Fir.  Menzies’ student was David Douglas (why the common name is Douglas fir).  Puget Sound is named after Lt. Peter Puget, British captain of George Vancouver's 1792 exploration of the region.


First Nations people used the waterway before European immigrants arrived for thousands of years.  Canoes were made of giant cedars and the largest could hold 20-30 people.


Paddle ships of the “Mosquito Fleet” would sometimes race each other down the Sound.  Faster ships were more popular with customers. 


Mr. Snappy

Jim Balz was today's winner.


Meeting Adjourned: 1:30 pm by Dan Lehuta