Posted by Dirk Farrar on Aug 26, 2019
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Meeting of August 26, 2019
Program – New Rotarians
Meeting called to order by President Colleen at 12:23
  • Invocation by Preston Troy
  • Pledge by Gerry Alexander
  • God bless America by Gloria Strait
  • 4 way test by Lynn Heinhold
Visiting Rotarians
  • Rod Bradley from West Olympia
  • Kaylee Purcell, 300 Rotaract
Guests of Rotarians
  • Tom Mclean – Kathy Saunders
  • Richard Hull - Chiropractor John Tanasse
  • Victoria Byerly - Alexis Miller and Kaylee Purcell
Happy Bucks
  • Dick Blinn - Started out Happy bucks about being back from California and loving it down there.
  • Sam Bovard - Announced pub night on the 9th and book club on the 10th of September and also had some really great luck with the lamp post he personally installed after changing the light bulbs in it!!
  • Jim Leonard - Had a birthday and wouldn't say how old he is but he it is a prime number in the 60’s!!
  • Richard Hull – Finished out the rowing season with 60 rowers and is now helping with some Olympic rowers
  • Mo Considine - Had her granddaughter move to Eugene and found out it only takes 3 hours to drive there! Then she tried to drive to Colville but needed to take 2 days for that.  She also celebrated 40 years of her study group.  She also she shared that an old exchange student who is now a judge in Brazil, would be back in town next week.
  • Chuck Fowler - Announced that harbor days will be next weekend.  This is the 46th year for it.
Classification Talk
Carly Colgan gave her classification talk and is now a blue badger!
Exchange Student Update
Heather Antanaitis talked about our exchange student, Ella Cereghino, and how she is adapting down in Chile. 
Lakefair Run
Steve Ryan reported on the Lake Fair run and is already starting to solicit sponsors for next year.
Program – New Rotarians
Steve Bean introduced four "new" Rotarians, (meaning they are relatively new to the club.)  Victoria Byerly was sponsored by Christy Peters, Mark Boyer was sponsored by Wendy Holden, Kelly Cooper was sponsored by Dennis Cooper and Jay Burney was sponsored by Heber Kennedy.   They all shared the reasons they enjoyed being members of the club, serving the community, networking with professionals and friends, and supporting out literacy and scholarship programs for local students.  As Steve Bean has always said, “our best programs come from our members.”
Greeter Travis
Our greeter, Travis is returning to school.  This was his last meeting.   We presented him with a card and thanked him for his service to the club.
Mr. Snappy
Steve Ryan won Mr. Snappy
Meeting was adjourned at 12:14 by President Colleen