Posted by Bob Heck on Aug 31, 2020
Rotary Club of Olympia
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Today’s Program: City of Olympia Chief of Police Aaron Jelcick
Meeting Called to order: President Sean @ 12:06 pm
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Centennial Celebration
Don Chalmers and Dick Blinn gave a presentation about the club’s centennial celebration and the efforts around the community art project. The goal of the committee is to raise $150,000 to place a custom piece of art (designed by a PNW artist) on the Port of Olympia Plaza across the water from Rotary Point Park. Members will receive information on how to support this initiative in the next few weeks. If you have questions, please contact Don Chalmers, or Dick and Judy Blinn.
Program: City of Olympia Chief of Police Aaron Jelcick
Jay Burney, City Manager of the City of Olympia, introduced Aaron Jelcick who has been in law enforcement for the last 28 years and he has held a variety of roles with OPD, most recently he was appointed to serve as Interim Chief. Chief Jelcick graduated from Washington State University and joined OPD in 1992. He is a member of West Olympia Rotary Club.
Chief Jelcick gave an overview of the department, including staffing and the various initiatives and programs the OPD manages. He spoke to the strong partnerships in the community and with other organizations that have helped to increase the resources and services provided by OPD. Chief Jelcick spoke about the role of the jail and the overall statistics of the department.
The Chief spoke to the various ways in which the OPD officers and staff serve our community, from School Resource Officers, to patrol officers and other programs like the OPD Explorers and other volunteer roles.
As the approach to policing has changed, OPD has implemented internal changes to work towards promoting a culture of transparency and accountability where OPD staff are supported to execute their work and the culture of the department reflects the best practices of policing. This has changed in the last 30 years, since Chief Jelcick joined the department. He detailed several contemporary programs, such as the CRU and Familiar Faces programs that have strengthened the connection between OPD and our community. Chief Jelcick made it clear that OPD is committed to supporting positive changes within the criminal justice system that support all member of our community.
Chief Jelcick took several questions from members to conclude the program.
Meeting Adjourned: 1:09pm by President Sean