Posted by Dirk Farrar on Sep 11, 2017
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date: 09/11/2017
Program: The Science of Hope - What is Hope, Building Hope, Hope Outcome, Hope & Trauma
Meeting called to order by:  President Christy Peters
  • Invocation:  Seth Goldstein
  • Pledge of Allegiance:  Anthony Ross
  • Song:  God Bless America – Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test:  Jim Balz
Visiting Rotarians: 
  • Lacey - Van VanJepmond
  • West Olympia - Jon Tunheim
Guests of Rotarians: 
  • Supreme Court Justice Steven C. Gonzalez, guest of Larry Poplack 
  • Dennis Adams introduced Hannah, his "tallest daughter.". 
Happy Bucks: 
  • Warren Carlson – Discussed our club taking the lead on establishing a “Music Mends Minds” presence in the community to visit senior care and Alzheimers centers and perform “with” the patrons, as recommended by Amy Huggins, our speaker from a few meetings back.  Anyone interested in learning more about the possibilities should contact Warren.  Also said "August in Osage County” at Harlequin was the best theatrical event he’d seen in years, and there are only three more performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8 p.m.
  • Laurie Dolan – Campaign fundraiser announcement. 
  • Sean Padget – Kim Dinsmore had an emergency appendectomy but is doing well.  "Go Cougs" for WSU Cougars triple overtime win
  • Kyle Cronk and Sarah Clinton – Upcoming Superhero Gala Auction at YMCA, Friday September 22, 5:30 – 7:30   
  • Dave Sederberg – Upcoming Safeplace "Speak Out, Speak Up" gala on Friday, 9/15 
  • Kelly Cooper – Celebrating a birthday.    
  • Bob Wubbena – Celebrating his 75th birthday, and anniversary as well.  
  • Nick Schmidt – Survived a week-long car trip to Yellowstone and surrounding area with his sister.  
  • Tom McLean – Dine Around update
  • Wendy Holden – Seeking nominees for Behavioral Health Resources "Phoenix" awards.
Egg Auction:  Steve Bean auctioned off a dozen eggs for $32.50 to Warren Carlson
Lori Woodland requested donations for the baskets to be auctioned off at  Cool Jazz/Clean Water event in November.
Program: Jon Tunheim, Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney, spoke on, "The Science of Hope-What is Hope, Building Hope, Hope Outcome, Hope & Trauma".   
Jon discussed hope and what it means to people...having hope vs. absence of hope and the related consequences.  
The elements of hope are:
  • Goals for the future
  • Viable strategies (Pathways) to achieving goals
  • Willpower (Agency) to direct energy toward pursuing these goals
Why is hope important?
  • Higher academic performance (K-College)
  • Lower absenteeism (1/2)
  • Better predictor of success than the ACT, SAT and GPA
  • Lower unplanned absences from work (4X)
  • Higher productivity (1 day/week)
  • More open to organizational change
  • Reaching goals more often and sooner
  • More resilient to stress, vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue
  • Higher profits and lower employee turnover
  • Increased healthy behaviors
  • Follow treatment plans and take medication
  • Higher pain tolerance
  • Reduces impacts of PTSD
  • Lower depression
  • Lower mortality rate
  • Leading predictor of satisfaction and happiness in life
Hopelessness results in:
Anger - Emotional reaction when goal is profoundly blocked
Duispair - An overwhelming sense of futility
Apathy - A complete loss of motivation
How do we build hope?
  • Goal setting
  • Pathways - Increasing agency
  • Creating future memories - Perceived barriers are reframed
  • Hope - Progress reinforces pathway agency relationship
How can you use hope as a personal philosophy?
  • Be visionary
  • Focus on improving the future
  • Be mindful of your own goals – focus on finding meaning and purpose
  • Think strategically, be innovative and solve problems (pathway thinking)
  • See the world through a hope lens
Mr. Snappy Winner:
Sean Padget won a $25 gift certificate from the Bark and Garden Center, donated by Martin Meyer. 
Meeting adjourned by President Christy Peters
Submitted By: Dirk Farrar
Meeting Adjourned: 1:30 pm by President Christy