Posted by Peter Brennan on Sep 30, 2019
Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Meeting of September 30, 2019
Today’s Program - Returning Rotary Exchange Student Maddy Huntington-Bradley
Meeting called to order by:  President Colleen Gillespie
  • Invocation by: Caroline Manger   
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Bill Fishburn
  • Song:  My Country ‘Tis of Thee led by Gloria Strait
  • Four Way Test led by:  Jim Balz
Visiting Rotarians
Guests of Rotarians 
  • Gina Carlson was welcomed back after an absence
  • Sarah Huntington, mother of Maddy
  • Michael Bradley, father of Maddy
Happy Bucks
  • Warren Carlson - Gave $103 happy bucks as a combination of his birthday and anniversary years.  Twenty-six never looked so…?
  • Jim Balz - Just returned from a three-month walkabout in France, Portugal and Spain.  See him for more info.
  • Thibault Brisbois (Exchange student from Belgium)- Was happy that he played his first football game last week and had two solid runs, but now requires an MRI for a possible ACL injury.
  • Ximena Blaires (Exchange Student from Paraguay) - Had a great weekend with her host family.
  • Cyndi Zechmann - She and her husband had quite the adventure on the Blue Line train in Chicago and will not do that again. 
  • Gina Carlson - Is happy to be back at a meeting after a one year absence, and is especially happy that her business has grown by 300% in that time. 
Announcements and Club Business
Harlequin Tickets
Gloria Strait announced that the Harlequin Productions promotional materials were printed prior to the change of dates for the “The Women” and the tickets are printed correctly.  See you there!
Clubrunner Use
President Gillespie reminded members that the Club Runner email blast is only to be used for Club business and not personal or professional items.
Club Assembly
A table top exercise was conducted to share ideas for improving meeting experience and recorded for consideration by the board.
Jill Barnes’ Classification Talk
Jill Barnes was awarded a tiara and flowers for achieving the record of slightly more than six years to move from red badge to blue.  Her classification talk included her beginnings growing up in Kohler Wisconsin, a small town of 1,600 people, her degree in music from University of Wisconsin and her equivalent of an MBA in Cultural Arts from Boston University. She loves to sing, spend time in the outdoors with her husband and three children, and has joined a local rowing team.  She is addicted to watching live performances and averages around 140 per year. Her secret tip for upcoming shows is not to miss “Meow, Meow” coming to the Washington Center for the Performing Arts in April 2020.
Next Meeting
Monday, October 7, 2019, our program will be "Changing Sea Cargo Transport" with guest speaker Mark Tabbutt, Chairman of Saltchuck.  We will be South Sound Manor, but in the adjacent room.
Program – Returning Exchange Student Maddy Huntington-Bradley
Maddy Huntington-Bradley took us through her year in Brazil, sharing highlights of her experiences from her arrival in July. 
Her first host family provided her a rich experience with religion that she found very interesting and enlightening. 
Highlights for her included wonderful host families, including one host father who was an aerial photographer with a private airplane, so she was able to see Brazil from the air. 
She attended an English school, did a lot of bike riding which gave her time to see the countryside and spend time with her host family.  She participated in festivals, dance performances, and theater, which are all interests of hers here in Olympia. 
Maddy is very grateful to Rotary for providing her with this life-changing experience and is now in her senior year at Olympia High School.  She is looking at colleges and wants to pursue Latin studies and Spanish. 
Mr. Snappy
Jay Burney won anautographed copy of “Tall Ships on Puget Sound” by author Chuck Fowler.
Meeting adjourned at 1:32 pm by President Colleen.