Rotary Club of Olympia
The Wheel
Date:  1/23/2017
Today’s Program:   Steven Vogt “Professional Baseball Player”
Meeting Called to order:   12:20
Invocation by:    Tom Lally
Pledge of Allegiance led by:  Jim Larsen
Songs:   Gloria Strait
Four Way Test led by:  Lori Woodland
Visiting Rotarians:   Jon Masterson, Bill Knight, Mitch Dietz, John Vivian
Guests of Rotarians:  Patrick Holm, Anthony Brock, Jessie Stevick, Alex Paul, Russ Libmann, Steve Bray, Joanne Wobuna, Doug Edison
Happy Bucks:  Chuck Fowler (Jury Duty and Judges), Rosemary Barnhart (husbands’ book, To Learn), Geoff Crooks (Cruise anti-arctic), John Hough (Rotary Dinner), Reid Bates (5th grandchild), Paul Knox (60 something), Dennis Cooper (Bolivia water project), Maurine Considine (the water project’s namesake)
Website giving is up and running give it a try and support the water project
Next week’s meeting is at the Olympia Golf and Country Club
February is be our guest month
Golden Bear Award recipient Alex Paul introductions by Jessie Stevick
Induction of new member, Mickey Dumont  #1,208,012
Grant Award recipients: Childcare Action Council (Kaleidoscope play and learn), Sound Learning Center (High School 21 plus), Family Education and Support Services (PCAP Program)
Auction:  special eggs with unique curative properties and Harlequin tickets
Steven Vogt a professional baseball player was drafted in 2007 and played in the minor league for Tampa Bay.  In 2012 he started playing up and down. His 33 time at bat in the majors he connected for the first time a home run… the very next day he was back in the minors. In 2013 he was called up during the playoffs and hit a nice single bringing the winning runs home.  Fortunately his time with Tampa Bay was interrupted when he was traded to the Oakland Athletics, “they wanted me… it changed everything.” A two time all star team member and three time recipient of the Catfish Hunter award for leadership, character and community service, all the more important since he was selected by his teammates.
Steven shared the struggles of playing professional baseball, of the sacrifices and challenges you face as a minor league player. He shared a bit about the financial burden and struggles of making due with little to nothing, the hard work and dedication through injuries and even the passing of time. He lifted up the support of his wife his business partner, and strongest supporter. He shared a bit about his children and family.
Questions included his advice to new players which included play many sports, stay dedicated. Yes the stadium needs help. No the team does not plan on moving far away and likes Oakland. Yes the bats and those swinging them are dangerous, no there is not trash talk at the plate, but lots of free advice and counseling. Yes Money Ball is a thing.
Mr. Snappy: Reid Bates is now the owner of a signed Athletic Cap
Meeting adjourned:  1:39