Rotary Club of Olympia Documents

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2023 Revised Bylaws Final.Jan 2024.pdf323 KB02/26/24 at 11:25 AM
Club Constitution August 2023.pdf273 KB11/18/23 at 10:19 AM
constitution_club_en(2022).pdf255 KB11/17/23 at 11:09 AM
Community Response Grant Application 09-27-2023.pdf796 KB11/15/23 at 03:53 PM
Club Past Presidents.pdf410 KB11/15/23 at 03:53 PM
Community Impact Grants Application 9-13-2023.pdf79 KB11/15/23 at 03:53 PM
Clean Water 2023 v4 (1).pps29 MB08/31/23 at 10:13 AM
Clean Water 2023 v4 (1).ppt29 MB08/31/23 at 10:13 AM
Cool Jazz Promo v2.ppt12 MB08/31/23 at 10:13 AM
Centennial Artwork Maintenance.pdf942 KB08/31/23 at 10:13 AM
By-Laws as Revised by Ad Hoc Committee October 11 2016.doc127 KB08/31/23 at 10:13 AM
By-Laws-as-Revised-by-Ad-Hoc-Committee--October-11-2016 (1).pdf180 KB08/31/23 at 10:13 AM
Centennial Pledge Form 2021.pdf182 KB08/31/23 at 10:13 AM
Board Message to Club RE CC Termination.pdf159 KB08/31/23 at 10:13 AM
Club Veterans.pdf392 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
Committees Report Oct 2020.pdf211 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
Club Past Presidents.docx13 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
Community Response Grant Application 04-2023 (2).pdf804 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
Contact Information for Olympia Rotary Club.pdf332 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
Earn Your Blue Badge.pdf193 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
fall-2020-community-grants Modified (response) 3-21-2022.pdf770 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
Olympia Rotary Community Impact Fund RFP 03-2023.pdf92 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
RPP-Flyer-rev-04-20 Fillable.pdf443 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
menu.pdf128 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
Rotary Point History as of 7-20-2011.pdf58 KB08/31/23 at 10:12 AM
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